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In the milieu of current economy where the considered productivity, cost, and the perfect distinction with the latest technology in the world of modern printing and packaging, we find that creativity, skill and the most beautiful and bright view of your products is the best way to upgrade in the light of intense competition and the large number of exhibits.

Marmara Pack Company is one of the largest Turkish companies specialized in the manufacturing of environmental or eco-friendly sacks, which proved its efficiency and superiority through a bright process, and culminated this success with a huge number of modern products and a high superior level, that raised the company's name on a local and global level.
Marmara Pack is distinguished and characterized through the manufacturing of printed and attractive "eye-catching" sacks that function like mobile targeted advertisements that enhance the customer's brand every time it is used through a wide range of styles, materials and designs for eco-friendly sacks for life, Trade Marks, event sacks, packaging sacks, and more than that.
They are ideal for the promotional events, marketing campaigns, exhibitions and retail and which will be used repeatedly again and again.

The marketing of Marmara Pack plastic products corresponds and gets along with the trends or orientations of its board of directors in providing all that is new and distinctive and seeks so that this orientation contributes to the making a qualitative leap or spring in the advertising work towards the practical and serious implementation.

As a result of the extensive experience of the technical team in the company by adopting the finest and most sophisticated advanced technology and the great ability of its members in mastering the art of design, the company has set up an integrated section for the designs and provided through  that the reasons of superiority and successes with regard to the potentials or possibilities and the suitable milieu.

The target of our products is to make the customer distinguished and to provide something necessary and important to his products through a professional marketing strategy and the addition of innovative ideas to attract the attention of the consumer, since studies have proved that the more the product design is clear and attractive the more the advantages and features of the product are in competing with other products in the markets.

Production is considered the most important element which distinguishes the company, since the development of production stages and improving the quality of the product has contributed to raising or upgrading the company name and its prevalence significantly and rapidly.

In order to ensure its perfect distinction and uniqueness, the company has allocated every line of production with special attention, where the availability of the modern machinery and the advanced technology and the well -trained and qualified team played a role in making the company at the forefront of the Turkish companies that contribute to the development of manufacturing techniques and production on a global level.

The main strategic plan that the company focused on is the diversification of products to serve all layers or segments of society, starting from cheap commercial items to high- and ending with luxurious and fine items.

The production processes in the company are carried out in accordance with the timetable and with accurate calculations and a correct practical method and we always put this concept in front of our eyes in order to reach the summit.

Quality is the most important concepts in the modern world of manufacturing; nevertheless, the interest in that concept is not new, it has historical roots, Islam has urged and drove people on that under the umbrella of mastering or perfection in work and dedication in its performance and work to please Allah the Almighty.

Therefore, Marmara Pack Company has focused on this trend or orientation and started to control quality at all stages of production starting from the design and ending with the delivery of the product with the best specifications and the highest degree of mastery and through self-control and work-team and focus on continuous improvement and the upgrading of the level of experience of the work-team and in doing so, the company has gained several global prizes such as:…………………….

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