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About Us

Who are we?

Welcome to the world of Marmara Pack Marmara Pack Company is one of the largest Turkish companies specialized in the manufacturing of environmental or eco-friendly sacks, which proved its efficiency and superiority through a bright process, and culminated this success with a huge number of modern products and a high superior level, that raised the company's name on a local and global level. Marmara Pack is distinguished and characterized through the manufacturing of printed and attractive "eye-catching" sacks that function like mobile targeted advertisements that enhance the customer's brand every time it is used through a wide range of styles, materials and designs for eco-friendly sacks for life, Trade Marks, event sacks, packaging sacks, and more than that. They are ideal for the promotional events, marketing campaigns, exhibitions and retail and which will be used repeatedly again and again. The marketing of Marmara Pack plastic products corresponds and gets along with the trends or orientations of its board of directors in providing all that is new and distinctive and seeks so that this orientation contributes to the making a qualitative leap or spring in the advertising work towards the practical and serious implementation.


Product and service quality our customers’ demands constantly improving and meet expectations at the highest level, strong communication and make us an emotional connection with our customers and ensure customer loyalty, Pursuing of customers in domestic and abroad to be the most preferred leading packaging brand, our competitiveness and our profitability to increase.


Our teams of experts are accurate, reliable and consistent with ethical values; solution-oriented work by offering you our valued customer’s convenient packaging option has adopted the principle of increasing product diversity.

  • Original Art Design and Modern Appearance
  • High Quality and Durability Guarantee
  • Brand Reliability
  • Multi-Purpose Compliance
  • Various sizes, colors and models Option
  • Recycled and Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Affordable and Convenient Cost Option
  • Shop bags, grocery bags
  • Gifts, Jewelry and Makeup Bag
  • Shoes & Garment Bags
  • Cakes and Sweet Box Bags
  • Nonwoven bags, promotional bags cloth
  • Products ; Easy to clean, antibacterial, can be folded and packed in various sizes.
  • Fairs, festivals, special design products for events, conferences, etc. are available.

Are fabrics exceeded traditional and fine roads that rely on the principle of intersections threaded longitudinal and spin-off it looks like fabric, but it’s actually made from a by-product of crude oil and therefore environmentally friendly They rely on the principle of natural filament or synthetic fibers gathered Kalpola Luster and nylon and polyurethane polyethylene, polypropylene and intensified random overlapping condition without any balance between the elements and processed by pressing specific thicknesses as needed.
It is soft and flexible products, repellent liquids, environmentally friendly, recyclable and is ideal for long-term use, being tough and strong and easy to carry and with a decent appearance.
Characterized by high strength and a small weight compared to the size used in medical products, civil engineering, packaging, and many insulation products and protective clothing.

To ensure the company’s full excellence has paid for each line of its production lines, where special attention was to provide modern machinery and high technology, and the team coach and qualified role in making the company sits in companies that contribute to the development of world-class manufacturing techniques introduction.
The production is performed in the company’s operations on schedule accurate calculations practical and true style, we put this concept front of our eyes always to reach the top.