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Marmara Pack participated in Dusseldorf Packaging Exhibition from 6-8 January 2020, with the aim of increasing its market in Europe for the production of environmentally friendly bags, to show the quality standards to visitors who attend from all over the world and to confirm how high it is in raising the level of competition with

Avrasya Exhibition 2019

After welcoming its visitors to Tuyap Packaging Expo 2019, Marmara Pack was very happy with the intense attention it received. Our products, which attract many local and foreign companies and visitors, have shown the appropriateness and accuracy of the production policy pursued by Marmara Pack in increasing and developing it every year with its wide

Avrasya Exhibition 2018

We are grateful to all of our visitors who have shown interest in our booth at the exhibition, to our business partners who have not deprived us of the intense interest we see every year, and to the distinctive brands that have reached the standard production level through their trust in us. After proving our

Avrasya Exhibition 2017

Once again, Marmara Pack has become the favorite destination for visitors to the 2017 Afrasia Amplaj exhibition, who are attracted to our environmentally friendly bags with its unique and brilliant designs that left its mark in the exhibition. Marmara Pack continues with its global vision, producing its bags with the latest technological machines and distinguishing

Avrasya Exhibition 2016

Marmara Pak, a leading company in the field of bags, is working to increase its market share day by day through environmental and aesthetic solutions in the field of wrapping and wrapping We owe our thanks to all the visitors who have shown interest in supporting us at Avrasya 2016. Marmara Pack aims to grow